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Experience in optimization projects in the field of production management and logistics chains (Volkswagen Group Polska, Żabka, Solaris Bus & Coach).




Marek Warcholiński


An expert with over 25 years of experience in Lean, Kaizen and ToC practices. He managed production and entire production plants (Bruegmann, Salamander Window & Door Systems, Vertex, Gealan Polska, KWH Pipe Poland)




Experience in building and managing numerous sales teams. He cares about the needs of our clients, and his involvement in developing marketing strategies helps us achieve our sales goals.




Experience in the analysis and optimization of production processes. Her main area of interest is project management.




Who will analyze your recordings?




Experience in the analysis and optimization of warehouse processes. His main area of interest is inventory management.




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Who are we?

peekawaste is a service developed by a team of experts from DATAPAX


Contact us:

DATAPAX sp. z o.o.
ul. Serbska 4, 61-696 Poznań

POLAND; NIP: 7831781179

+48 607 040 786


Experts in the field of process management and information flow in production and distribution companies. We are a competent team of specialists with extensive implementation experience supported by extraordinary results, whose members have implemented projects and worked in managerial positions for companies such as: Volkswagen Group Polska, Solaris Bus & Coach, Polkomtel, Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Poland , Kompania Piwowarska, Komputronik, Pepco, Decathlon, Brenderup and many others.

1. Contact us

We will listen to your needs and expectations, as well as basic information about the analyzed process, workstation, area.

We are capable of carrying out any measurement that the quality of the recording allows
Find out how much more you could produce if you had eliminated job waste
See if machine downtime is caused by employee inactivity

Check the utilisation of machines and production devices

Unnecessary, non-value-adding activities that should be eliminated
How much time is actually spent directly on productive activities

3. Analysis

Our experts will measure and analyze the parameters based on the camera recordings.

4. Analysis report

You will receive a detailed report with results, conclusions and recommendations. We can also help you implement the recommended actions directly in your company.

2. Provision of recordings

In a way convenient for you, i.e. uploading to our network drive, transferring access data or sending by courier, you will provide us with recordings from the analyzed area (e.g. recordings from 5 days, 3 shifts).

How is the analysis performed?

What will you get

Why is it worth it?


min. 50%

We will prepare a detailed report for you, including:

... and others

Untapped potential

What happens at the workplace when the machines are idle

How long the machines work, how long they are idle

How much time is spent on unnecessary activities

How long do the employees work effectively

There are many reasons why remote process analysis using industrial cameras is preferable to the traditional "on-site" approach:

The analysis is performed remotely and anyone can use it, regardless of the location of the Company

You do not have to waste time and resources on consultants commuting and visiting your company. You don't even have to move from your desk.

You will learn where the sources of waste and downtime are and how big is the untapped potential of your production workstations

average amount of waste identified during each analysis

faster and cheaper than traditional consulting

Worldwide access

Save time and money

Our experts have many years of experience in process management and information flow in production and distribution companies.

Our service has already been tested in smaller and larger production companies from various industries with positive results

If you need to know only simple parameters, e.g. operator time spent away from his workplace, the analysis will be really cost-effective

Carried out by improvement leaders

The analysis has been tested in various companies

Adjusting the detail and cost of the analysis to your needs

You will find areas that generate unnecessary costs and waste

This service is for you if:

>   you are looking for a solution supporting the functioning of your company,

>   you manage a production company and are responsible for the implementation of its strategy,

>  you are looking for a simple solution to the problem of losses in your company,

>   you are responsible for production planning and you need an "extra pair of eyes" to see what slows down its execution,

>   you value diligence and want to verify the effectiveness of your employees' work,

>   you do not want to spend time and resources on unnecessary visits of consultants in your company.

We find potential for the manufacturing improvement

using recordings from industrial cameras

We take advantage of the fact that most companies have industrial cameras in their production halls, which do not have to be used only for security purposes, but can also constitute an additional pair of eyes for experts in the field of process improvement, whose visit to the production hall will no longer be necessary.

Are you looking for areas to improve

in production

Maybe you want to find the source of losses and downtime with minimal involvement of your resources? Are you looking for ways to increase the opportunity for your business to grow? 

We have a solution for you

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Throughout the analysis the images of people on the recordings are strictly protected.
They are not shared with third parties, but only used for the purpose of process analysis.

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